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Thank you for your interest in private events at Whitechapel.
We have two unique spaces, and offer multiple options depending on the size of your group.
Please contact us for more information and how we can help host your next unforgettable event!


UP TO 20 guests

The Times Table area is section ideal for a smaller cocktail reception.

20-25 guests

The Distillery is our smaller room, ideal for casual cocktail receptions.

30-40 guests

The Gin Palace is our larger room, featuring its own private bar with a variety of tables and seating options. 

Entire Space

 Complete buyouts are available for larger groups.

Scroll for detailed descriptions of each option





Situated directly next to our Gin Locker, the Times Table area is a great spot for smaller groups looking for a more casual experience. Featuring 2-4 multi-tier tables depending upon party size and a velvet banquette, the space offers areas for cocktails and light bites, along with adequate standing room for mingling.



  • Accommodation for groups of less than 20

  • Sectioned-Off Seated & Standing Area.





We love gin more than any other spirit, so we built a pot and column still to make our own gin.  Hence the room’s name: The Distillery. This is the front room with the water features that bubble continuously.  Inside each tube is a different gin botanical, and each one is labeled with a brass plaque that signifies which botanical is inside.  The pipes and decor are designed in this room to give the feeling of a mad scientist who is obsessed with creating the perfect gin.



  • Accommodation for groups of 20-30

  • Table Service


The Gin Palace



In the back and to the left is the third personality of Whitechapel: the Gin Palace.  This room is designed to resemble an ostentatious gilded bar that was popular in the mid-nineteenth century called gin palaces. This is where everyday people could go to feel like they were in a fancy place but really they were just getting drunk on cheap gin and stumbling home.  This room has the characteristic feature of ornate etched mirrors, gilded light fixtures with shiny glass beads, and nice wood paneling. The wallpaper is custom made out of the Whitechapel menu elements and adds to the ornately gilded appearance of the room.  This space is complete with a private bar.



  • Accommodation for groups of 30-40

  • Private Bar

  • Dedicated Server

  • A/V Capabilities





In addition to the Distillery and Gin Palace, you can also book the Main Room - where the large bar and most dramatic seating is located. This room is where the train would have passed through to pick up and let off its passengers. Hence this room’s name: The Platform. The entire back bar shelves are full of nothing but different types of gins & genevers, and directly across are 3 curved sections of red velvet banquette seating. Above this seating are tiles which are made to look disused and abused from age. Among these tiles are some dramatic green acanthus tiles that were imported directly from the UK. They are official London Underground tiles made under contract and still used to this day in some of the tube stations. At the far end of this room is a gin locker which holds dozens of rare and expensive gins & genevers, some dating as far back as the 1930’s & most of which are not available in California.



  • Accommodation for Larger Groups

  • Audio + Projection Controls

  • Closed to the Public


Birthday Packages


Package 1: Aficionado

• Includes: Dedicated Server, Room
• $400 Flat Fee and $1000 Minimum Food & Beverage Spend Onsite.

OverProject 8.png

Package 2: Connoisseur

• Includes: Dedicated Server, Room, Balloons, and Punchbowl
• $500 Flat Fee and $1000 Minimum Food & Beverage Spend Onsite.

OverProject 7.png

Package 3: Master DistilleR

• Includes: Dedicated Server, Room, Balloons, Punchbowl, and One Dozen Mini Cupcakes.
• $600 Flat Fee and $1000 Minimum Food & Beverage Spend Onsite.