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Book cover of a Guide to Whitechapel, a single ticket and a vintage image of a cocktail party.

W E L C O M E T O W H I T E C H A P E L :
A celebration of the wonder of gin.

Featuring the largest gin selection in North America and a carefully chosen cocktail menu that celebrates the history and traditions of this amazing spirit. Far from the painfully serious spirit that gin has developed a reputation for, our offerings showcase gin’s versatility and lively approachability. With a selection of drinks made from all spirits that are bound to please, come relax and enjoy some fine food and drink. Let us take you back to a time when gin was magic…and drinking gin made you kind of magical, too.

~The Whitechapel Team

Whitechapel is a 21 and over cocktail bar.

Please bring your valid government-issued picture ID with you when you come. Thank you.



600 Polk Street, San Francisco, 94102
Located at the Embassy Hotel, Polk at Turk


Tue + Thu: 5pm-12am
Saturday: 5pm-2am
Sunday: Closed
Monday: Closed


Tue-Thur: 5pm – 7pm
Friday: 4pm – 6pm
Saturday: 5pm – 7pm

*Closed on Sun + Mon


Open 5-10pm Tue-Sat

*Closed on Sun + Mon


Our drinks

embrace our local AND DISTANT breweries, wineries, and distilleries. We craft cocktails WITH INTEGRITY.

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Top 10 Bars in the US
— Playboy Magazine
Esquire’s 18 Best Bars in America
— Esquire Magazine
Best New Concept
— Thrillest SF 2015
Best New Restaurants
— Eater SF 2015
Best Specialty Bar
— Timeout SF 2018
1st Place Winner
— Virgin Atlantic & Aviation Gin International Cocktail Competition, London 2018

Our Food

Features the bountiful harvest California has to offer and the rich Dutch-Anglo history we nod to. 

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Polk Street Irregulars Logo

The Polk Street Irregulars

A Gin Club for spirit enthusiasts. Online education, spirit tastings, Meet the Distiller events and Monthly Meet-ups.

To begin, simply follow this link and download the PDF for easy future access.


This is the Golden Age of Gin.